Say hello to Talos, the ultimate customizable bot for writers.

With functions for productivity, automated prompts, and a large set of customizable features, Talos is the primary bot for writers.

New features are coming all the time, and suggestions are always welcome. Check out our official discord server and github in the top right, as well as our contact page on the top left. Priority will go to suggestions related to writing and architecture improvements, though any form of suggestion is fair game.

Want Talos? Want to trust a machine with all your most important decisions? Well, here you go:

Talos Invite

Default prefix is '^', type '^help' to see a list of all commands. From there the bot should document everything.

Privacy Policy

Talos collects various pieces of information as able to do so across all of its services and service providers. These may include, but are not necessarily limited to, usernames, commands given, account information and any other information that Talos is able to access. Talos may collect this information from the end user in order to provide a better experience, enforce terms of service and usage rules, and assist with improving Talos features. By running the '^register' command, you also grant Talos the permission to indefinitely store this data, to be deleted upon running the '^deregister' command.